Turquoise Roses THICK HOODIE

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60% Cotton, 40% Polyester, THICK THICK Jacket,,, you will not be disappointed,, This will keep you warm,,,,, This is a true Women size, Runs Big, 

 Turquoise Rope is sold Separate, if you like us to add the Rope,,,,, Please order at the same time, Cuz we have to modify to add this Bling Rope,,,,,, A Standard Black Fabric rope Comes with this Hoodie, but if you order a BLING at the same time, will Modify & will feed it into the Hoodie,, the standard rope is already sown into the jaceket,   So we have to take it apart & Re-Sow with the Bling Rope...... SO Please Please Please Order  your Desire Color  Rope at the same time..and will do the work for you. Go to our accessories to pick Rope Color.