All Bike Belt ( Arrival Date Late JULY) Pending

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As of April 2,, Malanalove Company has placed this Bike Belt Order, , We now have a process that is out of our hands, But it is in process in China... Malanalove has officially been taking Orders  for  this (All Bike Belt),

Originally, we were scheduled to received the shipment in June, however the process is taking a bit longer.....

 1st step is the Molding process....( 3-4 Weeks) then when i approved it on may 5 , ,The manufacture is now taking another 3-4 weeks to make the Bikes  and  & Leather Belt section...

Finally there  saying its going to ship sometime the 1st week of July & expected to arrive Late July......... So again please be patient & we are all excited to have this great custom Belt in our Brand.+ Remember this (All Bike Belt) is Now officially Made by

                         Malanalove Company ,  registered & Designed on May 2,2019,